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Argan Oil


100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Botanical Name: Argania spinosa

Argan oil is the best overall choice for hair repair, hair growth, and scalp nourishment. Moroccan argan oil is highly sought for natural hair treatment, but it's also great for beautiful, radiant, and softer skin. A lot of natural hair products feature argan oil because the properties of argan oil are amazing combatants of common issues encountered with natural hair.

Argan oil works best for:

Hair care
Protect against heat damage
Repair damaged, brittle, thinning hair
Strengthens hair
Adds shine
Reduces frizz
Alleviates irritated scalp--dryness, itchy scalp

Argan oil not only repairs the damage to your hair, but it also works to give you healthier, thicker, softer, and shinier hair. Continued use can help prevent future damage, as argan oil strengthens your hair simultaneously while repairing the damage that lead to breakage, hair loss, and dry hair.

Skin care
Moisturizes skin
Reduces wrinkles, stretch marks
Reduces oil production in skin/face
Treats bacterial and fungal infections
Treats acne, and other skin conditions such as Eczema
Balances natural skin tone

Shelf Life: 2+ years

Ingredients: Argania spinosa.
Derived from: Morocco

Argan Oil