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Coconut Oil


 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

Botanical Name: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut)

Pure, virgin coconut oil is naturally soothing, and smells amazing. It's an anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal moisturizer that will have your hair and skin looking and feeling amazing!

Skin Benefits
Treats fungal infections such as athlete's foot
Soothes, treats, and relieves eczema and related skin conditions
Exfoliates resulting in smoother skin
Reduce wrinkles

Coconut oil is found in many cosmetic products, and it's a great choice to pair with our Moroccan mud or Dead Sea clay for your own DIY face mask, infused with the benefits that coconut oil offers.

Hair Benefits
Deep conditioner
Hydrating properties seal and lock in moisture
Frizz control
Reduce dandruff
Adds shine

Take care of your natural hair by applying coconut oil for sweet smelling, healthy, shiny hair. Less is best, as too much can cause a greasy feeling, and weigh down your hair.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil.

Shelf life: 2+ years.
Made in Philippines

Coconut Oil | Nubian Botanicals

Coconut Oil